“VT” is one of the most famous brand for communication headsets. With over 20 years’ experience of professional design and manufacturing for headset related products, the mechanical performance and reliability of our products keep ahead globally in same line, and the acoustical performance can reach the advanced level as well.

VT DECT wireless series is designed to provide flexible connectivity to either deskphone, USB or both. These DECT wireless headsets also utilise noise cancelling technology and have a range of up to 150 meters and up to 8 hours talk time. They also support Handset lifter or EHS for remote answer/end calls and they can pair up to 4 headsets for conference calls.

One of the top choices for offices, VT Bluetooth series allow 100 feet of wireless range. This series of headset are popular for its ultra clear HD quality audio sound which makes it a good headset to use for noisy work environment. The Bluetooth can be connected up to 2 devices to ensure mobility and flexibility in the office. If you’ re looking for the best office headset to help you multitask and increase productivity, this series are the best headsets to use.

Experience clear internet calls with simple plug-and-play USB-A or USB-C connection and a extra noise-canceling mic.It is optimized for Skype for Business user who can enjoy the added luxury of answering and ending their calls without having to navigate back to Skype.

Portable hands-free conference communication is a portable mobile conference room that can be quickly connected via Bluetooth or USB interface to filter out noise. High-definition sound facilitates high-quality conference calls and business conversations more convenient.

Corded Headsets give you a hands-free working environment with one ear (monaural) or two ear (bianaural) options, plus a quick disconnect feature that lets you work with your PC,Telephone and mobile phone. With noise-cancelling microphones to filter out background noise, SoundGuard® technology to protect against audio spikes, VT corded Headsets provide clear communication in any work environment.