WiFi Voice and Video Solutions

Businesses around the world are evolving towards flexible, hybrid working environments, and their unified communications solutions need to follow suit. Office layouts are including both individual workstations and open-format project areas that allow employees to prioritize individual productivity or group collaboration depending on the project at hand. Because of this, employees need to be able to stay mobile, flexible, and efficient. WiFi voice and video is one way to empower a user to stay on-the-move while keeping their communications productive and powerful.

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  • About the technology that goes into a WiFi voice solution
  • How companies and employees are adopting WiFi voice technology to be more effective at work
  • The unique features and devices that Grandstream brings to a WiFi voice deployment
  • How you can deploy a mobile, flexible, and efficient WiFi voice and video solution with Grandstream

Status Assessment for WiFi Voice

Increased productivity for users, significant impact on employee collaboration, and support for growing wireless devices in the workplace, and WiFi audio and video structuring can have significant benefits for a business. Our infographics clearly explain why businesses are switching to wireless environments. Click “download” to read it.

WiFi Voice and Video Solutions

Grandstream’s WiFi voice and video portfolio allows you to build a robust UC solution over any wireless network. Easily create, configure, manage and optimize a solution to help your customer’s business succeed. In this guide, you will learn:

  • About devices in our WiFi voice portfolio
  • Unique features we support to help optimize the configuration
  • How does our solution help your customer’s business?